On The Positive

My first post was on the negative.  I didn’t finish it though, often I don’t finish negative thoughts, comments or argument. Yeah right, I finish the thought!  I will also have a long drawn out rebuttal to some forum nut and delete it just before getting to the send button.  I hate confrontations and will go to extremes to avoid them, but, once in awhile I just gotta let it out.  Rudeness can bring it out quicker than almost anything.  Why do I rewrite something over and over again just cause it may offend someone?  Why am I giving it that much consideration?  I wanted this first and foremost as a place that I can vent and feel safe about it.  I love my partner and I have no intention of changing my life with her.   For reasons that are explained elsewhere, I created this space.  Ultimately, this is for us – Alice and Pepper.

A plan should be put in place to improve our situation.  I think Pepper needs more exercise and mental stimulation. Ideally a physical activity that can incorporate some aspects of mental exercise as well.  Should this be in planning, reasoning, and quick reflexes and quick shot answers to questions.

I’m really looking forward to kayaking, it can’t happen soon enough.  The price of solos are pretty expensive, at least the ones I’m looking at.  I know, look a little lower on the scale.  I am and used too but I’m not finding the ones I want for the price I want.  I’m pretty sure that’s normal given the season.  Did I stray off?

I can’t tell if Pepper really likes kayaking or goes along out of attachment.  She’s never too excited about anything.  Once in awhile I hit on something that gets her attention and keeps it.  Pepper hasn’t had that in some time now.  She’s had a cold for over a week and today I’ve noticed her smiling more often.


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