Something New for Something Old

I discovered Pepper tonight.  No, not my partner but the band.  I listened to several songs and was very impressed with the sound.  The first song I listened to No Control.  It reminded me a lot of Red Hot Chili Peppers.  I moved on and found my way to the album  Kona Town.  It took me back to an old friend, a friend I haven’t seen nor talked to in years.  I am a terrible friend in many ways.  I know this about myself.  I have a few that are everything to me, even so I’m not the best at maintaining friends.  It’s something about myself I wish I understood and could fix, but when times are rough, I’m worse and pull away more.

Anyway, back to my friend.  I miss her.  We used to smoke pot and listen to music.  Talk about the universe and what we couldn’t possibly know.  My life is nothing like I imagined.  I hope hers is  better than expected.  I really do.

I had a week stint in Chicago once for a hotel install.  I loved that city,  I could hear music all through the streets.  It was an amazing feeling on that warm windy day.  The drive into the city was a sight with all the lights.  One night we went to The House of Blues and as soon as I walked into the main room I lost my breath.  I immediately recognized the song World is Africa by Black Uhuru.  The memories were overwhelming and I was stung with tears that night.  Betsy.

Yeah, back to Kona Town.  Betsy.





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